About Us

From its humble beginnings in Zack’s grandmother’s garage, Zack’s Tint Shop has grown in Shelby County and the surrounding areas to have a reputation for quality in products and services. The friendly and knowledgable staff are more than happy to help with all of your tinting and customizing needs. The current shop location at 1419 State Highway 87 N was established in 2010 and has expanded to 2 shops. They’ve also recently added spray in bed liners to their services and are a full service tire shop. Call, click, or come by and see how they can take care of you today!

Meet Zack – Owner

Zack has over 23 years of experience tinting windows and doing vehicle modifications. He started as a teenager working in a local tint shop and then went to Dallas and ran his own shop. Of course, theres no place like home, so Zack made his way back to East Texas and started Zack’s Tint Shop in Center.

Zack does it all! He not only manages the everyday aspects of running a business, he also tints windows and installs audio systems, lift kits, leveling kits, light bars, etc. He is not only the founder and owner of Zack’s Tint Shop, he’s also the heart and soul. Stop by and see Shelby County’s local expert in everything to do with tint and custom autos.

Meet Brad – Shop Manager

If Zack is the heart and soul of Zack’s Tint Shop, Brad is everything else. Brad answers the phones, places orders, greets customers, manages operations, and much more. With over 15 years of experience, he is very knowledgeable in all of the products and services that Zack’s Tint Shop has to offer. You’d be hard pressed to find a more likable guy than Brad and he’s likely the first face you’ll see when you visit Zack’s Tint Shop! Come by and chat with Brad to see how Zack’s Tint Shop can help you today.

Experienced Staff

Zack and Brad may run the business, but no company can succeed without the help of an experienced team of hard working and dedicated employees. Ethan Adkison, Nick Coronado, and Patrick Sample work hard each day to do installs, tint windows, assist customers and whatever else is needed at Zack’s Tint Shop. If you’ve had anything done at Zack’s Tint Shop, one of these guys likely had a hand in it.

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